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July to December 2004

    December 25, 2004 - It's Christmas!

The Cullen's at Christmas      Christmas this year was a whirlwind with four evenings of food, drink and good company. Kate was delighted with her tea set from Santa and Kieran loved the box it came in.


    December 18, 2004 - Kieran Is One!

Kieran      Believe it or not, it has already been a year since the day Kieran came into the world. We had two celebrations for the young lad, one in Toronto with a few friends and one in London with both the Cullen and Ducharme clans.


    November 18, 2004 - Fall is Still Here!

Kieran at High Park      Even though it is only a month before Christmas, we are still enjoying a lovely fall with warm temperatures. Here are some of our favourite shots from November.


    October 31, 2004 - Happy Hallowe'en!

The Kids      It was a whirlwind Hallowe'en weekend with Kate and Kieran's hectic social schedule. Saturday they had a Hallowe'en party in High Park and Sunday it was off to the Dean's for trick or treating. Jack was particularly debonair in his Spider Man costume and despite being dressed as a Lady Bug, Colleen had an uncanny resemblance to ET. As for the Cullen kids, Kate was pretty in pink as a unicorn and Kieran sported a cheeky pumpkin costume.


    October, 2004 - It's Fall!

The Kids      Despite the fact it's fall we have had a very warm September and the leaves are still green. Kieran is quickly approaching his first birthday and is very mobile these days and Kate is quickly learning what that means. Her key phrase these days is "Mommy, Kieran took my.....".


    September 5th, 2004 - Camping at Sandbanks

The Hamms      Labour Day weekend proved to be a beautiful summer weekend (finally!) and we spent it camping with the Hamm Clan at Sandbanks. The kids had a fantastic time at the beach and we were treated to a lovely sunset. The biggest challenge was getting sand out of everything!


    August 25th, 2004 - Trip to Tobermory

Kate and Kieran      It was our third annual trip to Tobermory and once again, we had a great time. Kate and Kieran loved the great outdoors, the favourite activity being spelunking (sort of) in Greig's Caves. We also made a trip to the Grotto, swam in Georgian bay, took a tour of the shipwrecks with Grandma and Grandpa, did some hiking and kayaking, and of course, fed the ducks.


    July 17th, 2004 - The Boys are Back in Town

The Boys      Mike and Heather got hitched this weekend so all the Sigmu Nu boys were back together once again. The wedding was lovely and the cocktail reception boasted fine food and great music. Rock Lobster of course got all the boys on the dance floor. There are also some pictures from the rehearsal party and the BBQ on Sunday.


    July 2nd, 2004 - Centre Island

Kate      On July 2nd, we took a little excursion to Centre Island with the Hamm's. Kate and Hannah had a great time on their first amusement ride and all the kids had fun in the wading pool. The weather was great so we got some really good shots (take a look!) The only downside was the cost of food and water. Next time we'll bring the Hibachi.


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