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January to June 2005

    June 21, 2005 - Summer is Here!

Summer is here and we have made our first trip to the beach, and have christened the 'pool' in grandma and grandpa's backyard. Kate and her grandma also welcomed the summer with a traditional tea on the lawn.


    June 5, 2005 - The First BBQ of the Season

Tyra Enticknep Age 1 We started off the almost summer season with a lovely BBQ with the old mom gang from 2002. However, the group has grown quite abit since the original eight babies. Tyra, one of the newer additions, was particularly excited about the whole thing, just look at her expression!


    May 30, 2005 - Summer is Coming!

Kieran Spring 2005 Time is flying and the weather is finally warming up. Some of our Spring escapades have included a trip up to Algonquin, yet another rendition of the Order of Good Cheer and a trip to the Zoo with the Hamm's. Kate is becoming quite the little lady and Kieran is well, Kieran....into everything, particularly mud and the pond! Here are some favourite picks from Spring 2005.


    March 6, 2005 - Kate is Three!

Kate and her Cake Kate is now three years old and being the socialite that she is, she celebrated with not one, but two parties. Saturday she got together with the 'old gang' from her baby days and Sunday she had family and friends in for a little dancing, drinks, some good food and of course, a pinata.


    January 23, 2005 - Kate's First Family Portrait

Family Portrait Kate surprised us all with this lovely family portrait...notice Andrew's goatee (he is the big head). Also, here are a few shots from January.


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