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July to December 2005

    December 25, 2005 - Christmas is Here!

Kate and the Gingerbread House In the spirit of Christmas tradition, we headed to London on the 24th for Christmas Eve at the Cullen's and Christmas Day at the Ducharme's. This year's highlight was the gingerbread house that Kam and Heather stayed up until the wee hours of the morning to prepare, much to the delight of Kate who is the artist of the final masterwork; also of note were the sleds Santa brought which delighted Kate, although Kieran wasn't so sure....


    December 18, 2005 - The Boys Turn Two!

Kieran Turns Two It's hard to believe, but the cousins both turned two this week, Owen on the 13th and Kieran on the 18th. The birthday celebrations started with Owen's party on the 3rd at his pad in Newmarket, complete with entertainment with Owen on the guitar and Kate on the mike. Kieran celebrated today at his place in Toronto with drinks, dinner and dancing (well Kieran was dancing....the trucks he received were THAT exciting!) As a special note, a third cousin joined the group this month as well, Evan Jacob Klein came safely into the world on Friday, December 9, 2005, weighing in at 5lb, 11oz and is an uncanny image of his mother's baby pics.

Owen's Birthday Party
Kieran's Birthday Party
Evan Jacob Klein


    December 17, 2005 - The Season is Upon Us!

Andrew and Lisa at BBS Holiday Party The Christmas Season has come quickly upon us and it certainly has been a whirlwind so far! Last weekend we entered the season with a bang with two Christmas parties on the Friday evening...we enjoyed dinner, a casino and dancing at my work Christmas party and then spent the later part of the evening (and the wee hours of the morning) at a swank little Christmas soiree in the entertainment district downtown. Not 12 hours after getting home we had a house full of about 85 guests for our 7th Annual Christmas Open House. Today the kid's attended a delightful kids Christmas party at my office with guest appearances from Santa, Mrs. Claus, a jolly elf and Rudolph. Phew!


    November 19, 2005 - Annual Muskoka Weekend

The Winner's Circle The much anticipated weekend at the Morawetz cottage offered lovely weather and just enough snow for the kids (big and small) to enjoy. This year we had 16 adults and 15 kids (under four I might add!) a and it was a blast (and we actually got some sleep to boot!). Andrew once again hosted the dinner on Saturday evening and this year The Texas Hold'em Poker lasted to the wee hours of the morning with the winnder's circle finally breaking up at about 3am. Most of these great shots are courtesy of the weekend resident photographer-Kathryn Morawetz herself.


    Octboer 31, 2005 - It's Hallowe'en!

Kate and Jack This year's Hallowe'en festivities included a Hallowe'en party at Zack and Tyra Callow's place, complete with a haunted forest, brains and eyeballs, followed the next day with the second annual trick or treaing extravaganza with the Deans. This year Kate was Snow White and was accompanied by her very handsome night (Jack Dean himself), with Kieran and Colleen as the side kick lion and pumpkin respectively. Very cute!


    Octboer 21, 2005 - Fall has Arrived!

Kate, Kieran, and Daddy Reading Despite a summer-like September, fall is now upon us. The trees are in the height of fall colour and the nights are getting cooler. Here are some of our best pics from September and October. 2005.


    August 27, 2005 - Rory and Jessica Get Married!

Aidan and Connor On August 27th, another one of the brothers joined the dark side...Rory got married! The ceromony was lovely and the reception was definitely one to remember with a wonderful meal, a unique game to get the bride and groom to kiss (Steve was a big fan!), plastic guitars, peruvian music and morrocca's! The best dressed at the wedding where these two young lads....Rory's nephew's Aidan and Connor.


    August 26, 2005 - It's Almost September!

The Hamm and Cullen Kids at the Pinery Hard to believe that September is almost upon us. August has proved to be another hot summer month and one in which we were on holidays for most of it! We started the month with a weekend at The Pinery with the Hamm's...the butterfly in the food tent being the most popular attraction and Kieran was looking fantastic in Kate's attire at the beach (we left the change of clothes back at the campsite). We followed that with ten days in Tobermory...our fourth annual trip. Heather joined us this time, much to the delight of her neice and nephew. I've also included some miscellaneous shots from July. Click on the links below to see the pics.

Camping at the Pinery
Our Annual Trip to Tobermory
Some Shots from July 2005


    July 16, 2005 - Angie Gets Married!

Angela and Jay On July 16th, Angela and Jay finally tied the knot. While we had a rare evening out sans les enfants, the kids spent a fun-filled evening with their granny. Fun was had by all at the reception. Angela did need a little help from Jay with her speech, we never knew Jay had such a sensitive side!


    July 9, 2005 - Kidzapalooza!

Kate's Feet Taken by Kate It was the third annual Kidzapalooza at the Booth cottage and the kids now almost outnumber us. Here are some pics, the majority were taken by Kate, our budding photographer. The feet shot is one of her more artistic works.


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