BC 2000

Lisa and Andrew's trip to BC in August 2000

August 3rd - Off to Vancouver
Shots from the Plane

    Well, off from the big smoke to Vangroovy to check out Canada's other coast. We had a pretty uneventful flight except until we got to the rockies. For one who has never seem them before it was absolutely breathtaking. I ended up taking a few too many pictures from the plane but here they are for your perusal. Click on the image for the photo album.

Stanley Park and Gas Town

    After landing in Vancouver, and needing some time to kill, we headed to Vancouver's Gastown to get some lunch. Although it was 11 am, it was 2 pm our time so we were hungry and looking for some lunch and a beer. Everywhere we went the restaurants were closed saying that they don't open until noon. I remembering remarking to Lisa, "can't a guy get a drink in this town before noon?". After lunch we decided to check out Stanley park and had a little stroll.

Lynn Valley and Capilano

    After Stanley Park we decided to go visit the famed Capilano Suspension Bridge. On a local tip we were told to go to Lynn Valley where there were some small hikes as well as another suspension bridge. Lynn Valley was very nice and the Capilano was a big boring tourist trap. If you go, do go here.

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