Meaning Glen of two lakes, it is a beautiful secluded place nustled within the Wicklow Mountains. It's seclusion and beauty is obvisouly why St. Kevin chose this place for his hermitage. The area has tonnes of walking trails as well as the monastic ruins near the lower of the two lakes. The myth around St. Kevin's cross is that if you can put your arms around it and touch your fingers all your sins are forgiven. Lisa couldn't pull it off. There is a picture of Lisa in St. Kevin's cell, which is the remains of stone hut that you see all over Ireland. The location is such that you have an amazing view of the upper lake. On this lake, accessable only by boat, is a cave called St. Kevin's bed where the saint spent most of his hermitage. My Father told me a story that Kevin kept a woman with him in his cave so that we would always have temptation. The story ends when the temptation became too much so he threw the woman out of the cave to her death. Still a very nice place.

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