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Leah on Deck

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    June 16, 2001 - Summer Heat Web Lounge

     Summer came a bit early this week with +30 degree temperatures and high humidity. Sticky and gross would be the best way to express it. The up side of this is that it is still warm right into the wee hours of the night so you can sit on the deck (right) and sip caesars until the cows come home. Note: The cows never actually come home, you end up having one too many drinks and Lisa has to come out and tell you to get to bed as the fish don't find you as funny as you think you are anymore.

     The backyard is pretty much done now in preparation for our BBQ next week. Plants are all in and doing well, I even got my herb garden in place. Well I better go mow the lawn. Ciao.


Deck at Night
    June 9th, 2001 - Look what the cat dragged in! Web Lounge

Racoons in our garbage can      Well yesterday Lisa and I awoke to an interesting surprise on our porch. We had left an empty garbage can outside standing upright and when Lisa went out to water the garden she was amazed to find 4 baby racoons living in it. As they couldn't have got in themselves we're pretty sure the mom dropped them off but she must not have the best judgement in these things. The little guys slept all day and we let them out of their can in the evening to rejoin their family. Pretty weird.


    May 29th, 2001 - More Wedding Stuff Web Lounge

Party on the Stairs      We've finally got the proofs from the photographer back and there are some really good pictures of me ;-). I don't think I'll be posting them all but a selected few will make the site soon. If you can't wait you're more than welcome to pop over and visit and take a look. You will notice that all the Ireland pictures are now available below. I don't have time to compile them into an album right now so you will have to live with the current format.

On another note, I've made some changes to the event reporting structure that displays the "upcoming events" portion of the website. It now calculates your age and displays it beside the birthday. If you notice your age being incorrect please notify me and I'll fix the error in the database.


    May 16th, 2001 - We're Back! Web Lounge

Lisa and Andrew in Ireland      We're back from our honeymoon and starting to get back to working life again after two wonderful weeks in Ireland. I have some pictures ready but the commentary is going to take a while yet. Suffice it to say we had absolutely amazing weather and nothing could have been better. Ireland is so beautiful and we enjoyed every minute of it.

     Here are some links to some of the pictures.

Day 1 - Arrival in Dublin
Day 2 - Touring around Dublin
Day 3 - Lost in Wicklow
Day 4 - The Road to Kilkenny
Day 4 - Kilkenny Castle
Day 5 - St. Canices Cathedral
Day 5 - Jerpoint Abbey
Day 5 - Waterford and Waterford Crystal
Day 5 - Arriving in Cashel
Day 6 - Exploring the Rock of Cashel
Day 6 - Cahir Castle
Day 6 - Blarney Castle
Day 6 - Road to Killarney
Day 7 - Gap of Dunloe
Day 7 - Ring of Kerry
Day 8 - On the Road to Clare
Day 8 - Crag Cave
Day 8 - Aillwee Cave
Day 8 - Dubhlinn
Day 9 - Cliffs of Moher
Day 10 - Inishmore, Aran Islands
Day 11 - Newgrange
Day 11 - On the Road to Trim
Day 11 - Trim Castle
Day 12 - Glendalough
Day 13 - Hanging with Pat


    April 30th, 2001 - It's all Over! Web Lounge

Brian on the Deck      Yes we pulled it off. I don't have any pictures from the wedding yet but I do have some from the brunch this morning. Click on the picture of Brian. I wanted to say thank-you to everyone who participated in the wedding for making it such a success and such a special day for Lisa and I.

-Andrew and Lisa Cullen   

    April 27, 2001 - Wedding Week Antics Web Lounge

     We're well into the pre-wedding countdown as people from around the world fly in for the wedding. On saturday we had Phil come in so we threw a party to let him get some dirt on everybody. John Rochetta was kind enough to bring a wonderful bottle of white port to the affair, you can see from the recycling bin the next morning that it didn't last long. Wednesday night saw the arrival of Justine and Leah from Australia, as well as my cousin from Vancouver. Thursday night we had Andrew and Trish from Bermuda join us. Of course we had to hit the madison. Last night was the rehersal dinner at my folks place. Below are some links to some of the pictures from Wednesday and Thursday.

Wednesday Night after the pub

Warmup on the deck and later at the Madison

Rehersal Party


Alto de porto
    April 21st, 2001 - T-minus 7 days and counting Web Lounge

Lisa looking Happy      I wanted to give an update even though much hasn't happened in the last while. My stag on the 7th was a roaring success and judiciously, there are no pictures of the event. Thanks to all who attended and special thanks to Matt for organising this super event. Today's errands involve getting all the wine for the wedding and trying to get Phil out of bed.


    April 1st, 2001 - April Fools Day Web Lounge

     Just a quick note to mention that I finally finished the album from our trip to BC last summer. Timely eh? Anyways, click on the link to the right under the "What's New" column to take a look. I've added some commmentary so for those who have already seen the pictures you can look at them again and enjoy it on a whole new level.

     On another note, the miracle of spring hath yielded another miracle, the fish in the pond have survived the winter! Yes we spotted at least 8 of the goldfish in the pond after last weeks freshet. I'm very impressed.



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